Session Information

Session Information

Why Family Photojournalism?

Documentary family photography is gaining huge momentum because it is authentic and meaningful. I realise that posed photography may have it’s place. I gather that is not what you are after or you wouldn’t be reading this. If you could pick one photograph and only one that would be your most favourite of all time, which would it be? Have a think for a moment. More than likely, it would be one that has an emotional meaning for you.

I believe photographs should tell the story of your family. Whether happy, sad, funny, exhausting or exhilirating. Maybe little Charlie loved riding in the shopping trolley when he was 2. Or the look on your nervous brother in law’s face when holding your newborn in hospital for the first time. A chocolate covered mouth, a sweet hug, or the precious bathtime ritual before bed. These seemingly ordinary moments are what you are more likely to feel when you look back on them.

And they disappear in a flash.

I want to freeze them for you so that you can remember them forever.

Let me tell your story.


Day In The Life

Day In The Life sessions are a fantastic way to capture those everyday moments shared between you and your family. These are the pictures that will mean so much to you, not just now but in the future, especially for the next generations to come. These 5 hour sessions are generally held in your home, although if you decide to take a trip to the supermarket or local cafe I’ll be right there with you. Think of me as someone who is casually hanging out with you and your family. I am there to ultimately show you how much you love each other by documenting all the in between moments that are so often missed!L16A8089wb-1

Short Story

Capturing a shorter story of your family for 2 hours. It could be based around activities such as kids playing in the backyard, baking cookies or sunday morning breakfast. I like to encourage you to engage in an activity together so I can showcase your connections and interaction. 

Little Peek

Little Peek 1 hour sessions capture a tiny peek into your family. These sessions can be used to capture an informal family portrait at the local beach or park. I promise I won’t make you wear matching outfits! It could be documenting your precious newborn, a family member visiting from overseas or grandma’s 100th birthday.


Fresh 48 (in-hospital)

The first 48 hours after giving birth are filled with such a rush of emotions. These sessions are often chosen by those who don’t wish to have their birth photographed but still want a beautiful keepsake of the first hours of their child’s life in hospital. Fresh 48 sessions take place in the first 24-48 hours of your baby’s birth. I will arrive at the hospital and generally stay for up to 90 minutes, documenting the tiny precious moments and highly felt emotions between you, your baby and your family.L16A4575w-1

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