What is Family Photojournalism?

We are in the midst of a new growth of change in family photography. We are seeing less of the token ‘say cheese’ photos in matchy matchy jeans and white t-shirts. Um would you wear the same outfit as your Grandma anyway?

Family photojournalism or documentary photography is emerging. Capturing your family just as you are and ultimately showing the love you share. We live in a flurry of busyness and out of this has grown a need to retain those special moments shared within families so they’re not missed. To document real memories and move away from awkward posing. What a relief!

And you’ll love this. There is no need to clean your house or the grime off your child’s face. I love grime! Family photojournalism captures you just as you are because the story of your family is exactly what needs to be documented. You know why? Because down the track when you look back on these photos you will be plunged into a beautiful sea of memories about how your family actually was during that particular time in your lives. The characteristics of each person, the way your house looked when you first moved in or even the texture of your child’s hair. Think about your absolute favourite photo of all time. It’s probably one that did not require the need to pose or sit in an awkward position. Where’s the moment in that?

The difference…

Reids Family2013w-1